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* Stranger in the bar (with sequels)
* Unforgettable Diwali 
* Strange Night
* The secret, in her diary (with sequels)
* I love you ya, Poornima
* The Chatter of my dream gal.
You and I... (3 parts)
Is it dream or... (with sequels)
So how did it happen?
So close yet survived (2 parts)
A Nightmare (3 episodes)
Night at the office
* A love story


Visit to once the French Colony
Hang out with pals (2 parts)
Much awaited day off
Weekend in Kuduremukh

* It happens...
* The days of pure innocence
You can't just walk away
To Someone Special
It can't get better than this. 


Mr & Mrs Padiyar
Why this conclusion di?
Why am I not grateful to what I have?
after yours, now its my take on wedding (2 parts)


Old lady outside the temple
* Weird Dreams
* Yet another new year
* Teenage Love
* Random thoughts
Obsession shifted... from Cricket to Football...
after yours, now its my take on wedding (2 parts)
Animation - A journey through fantasy world. 
The perfectionist
Dream on
Ajmal Kasab & Death Sentence
* Life without friends


* My first smart phone - Samsung Gallaxy Y
My New Lappy


* Narasimha Maha Mantra


* Oh no my mo(ga)bile
My first blogger award
You made a difference (2 parts)
What Happened after my last post
I just turned 25
My New Lappy
Incomplete - remembering the lost friend.
Sisters (3 parts)
* WFC Movies

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