This is a timeline where I want to capture important dates that had an impact... Although I am pretty late and have missed many things to capture here, I have started with some of them which I remember fondly

2-Dec-2014 - Moved-in to our new House! :)

25-Aug-2014 - Registered our new Apartment! Whoa! Gift to myself on my b'day? :P

25-April-2011 - Got married!

07-Dec-2010 - Joined Sapient as Associate QA. Started my career in the IT city - Bangalore

04-Apr-2009 - Started this blog

03-Sep-2007 - My First Salary :) :)

01-Aug-2007 - Joined Robosoft as QA engineer

XX-Sep-2003 - Joined Canara Engineering College for pursuing my Bachelors degree!

05 - May - 2001 - Bought *NEW* bicycle after convincing my dad with my 10th result :P It was Hercules AXN. I loved it!

25-Aug-1985 Approx 12:14 AM - Opened my eyes for the first time :P


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